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VoIP for taxi companies

Adepteo have been providing Taxi companies with hosted VoIP telephony services for over 10 years and are specialists in understanding the particular requirements of the taxi market.

Adepteo are integrated with a number of taxi dispatch companies.  The Adepteo cloud based telecoms system together with the Adepteo IVR package provides managers for the first time with access to business critical information on the performance of their call handling staff and the IVR system.

The Adepteo Dashboard displays both historical and real time call management data.  This gives management a deep insight into customer behavior and the performance of teams and individuals by allowing management to set minimum standards for performance which staff can be measured against.

The Adepteo IVR gives management the flexibility to determine which calls can be handled by an operator and which can be dealt with automatically.  Adepteo has found that the introduction of an IVR within a Taxi company has the potential to dramatically increase the number of customers that can be dealt with per shift or reduce staff handling costs.

Caller ID and Call Popping

Customers phone number passed automatically to booking system.

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Taxi IVR

Faster response for customers and increased productivity.

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Business Metrics

Continual measurement and monitoring enabling management to measure performance and identify improvements.

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