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Mobile Twinning

Mobile twinning

Phone Twinning occurs when your desktop phone and a mobile phone are set to ring simultaneously.  There are three main advantages of this.

Firstly, if you are twinned with your mobile, wherever you are, your desktop extension travels with you enabling you to stay connected to your business.

Secondly, should your mobile be switched off for any reason the caller is directed to your work voicemail and not any personal message. This also means the caller gets access to any other service directions that may be included with your work voicemail.

Thirdly, you never have to give your personal mobile number out to a customer.  This means personal time stays personal and customers always receive a professional and consistent response from your business.

Phones can also be twinned with other landline phones e.g. your home number.


Costs are dependent on where the call is forwarded to, please see call costs.