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SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Many businesses have a legacy phone system on site which uses ISDN technology.  There is currently minimal investment in ISDN lines and BT will cease all such lines in 2025.  Whilst this may seem a long way off businesses should be looking to address this issue now.  SIP technology replaces the ISDN lines and will allow such legacy systems to continue to function.

SIP Trunking is a scalable and flexible solution that allows businesses to streamline its communications.  It does this by removing all the physical phone lines and replacing them with virtual lines which reduce call capacity restrictions and give the business more flexibility with regards to location.

Flexible working is a key feature of today’s work environment.  Switching to SIP trunking allows calls to be automatically directed to mobile phones, tablets or home phones, provided the legacy system supports this.  See Call Forwarding and Mobile Twinning.

Whilst there are many advantages to moving to SIP Trunking, businesses should be aware that whilst the connection is the responsibility of the the provider, any kit that is held on site is the responsibility of the business.  


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