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Text Messaging

adepteo sms service

Adepteo has the facility, via our Cloud Control Centre (C³) for customers to send and receive SMS messages.  

There are two elements to an SMS, outbound and inbound and these are treated differently.  The differentiating factor with Adepteo is how the inbound messages are handled and it is this which gives the customer choice and allows them to proactively manage their marketing. 

Outbound sms messages

Adepteo can send a range of different SMS messages 

  • Single message to a single recipient;

  • Single message to multiple recipients; and

  • Tailored message to multiple recipients

For each of the message types a full delivery report including a report where the delivery has failed is available.

Inbound SMS messages

Adepteo can provide customers with a mobile number that will enable them to choose how they receive incoming SMS messages.  Alternatively, we can take over your existing mobile number and integrate that into the Adepteo network.  By using the mobile number managed by Adepteo the customer has many different options for how the message is received / treated.  Such options include:

  • Receive SMS messages by email;

  • Select, dependent on the time of day, whether messages are received by email or SMS;

  • Send the response to another application;

  • Log messages in the Adepteo C³ CRM system; and

  • Manipulate the data provided to further target and tailor marketing.

To ensure that your specific needs are met, please speak to a member of the Adepteo team.


All SMS prices are based upon a flat rate of 3p per message segment sent.  (A message segment is 160 Characters for a single segment or 130 characters for multiple segment messages).

Bulk options are available for commitments to volume messaging paid in advance.  Please contact Adepteo for pricing details on this.