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Who is Adepteo

We are a leading provider of hosted cloud services providing flexible, tailored business solutions to meet your business needs.  Our focus is to ensure that our customers receive a stable and reliable service.  The Adepteo cloud is managed and maintained by Adepteo which allows us to give our customers continuity from the beginning to the end of any process in the Adepteo system.

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With an excess of 15 years expertise in both communication and technology, Adepteo are at the forefront of cloud based technology, our services are used across the globe and we are trusted by our customers worldwide.  Your reputation for service and quality is always at the forefront of the Adepteo partnership with you.


Hosted VoIP Telephone Systems

Adepteo VoIP solutions are some of the most advanced and reliable VoIP services on offer today. Our VoIP system can be used by small / micro businesses to large companies. A VoIP system is extremely flexible and can adapt to your business needs. Furthermore, significant savings can usually be made when compared to a traditional phone system.

Phone & Video Conferencing

The Adepteo conferencing system uses the latest technologies to provide our customers with a clear and crisp experience. 

Cloud Control Center

Unlike other companies the Adepteo Cloud is managed, maintained and hosted by Adepteo.  Many other providers rely on third party providers to supply cloud facilities.  The Adepteo Cloud Control Centre (C³) is our online portal which allows customers to manage and customise their own settings or access reports detailing business metrics.

Web Development & Web Hosting

Adepteo has a proven track record in web development and hosting. The Adepteo cloud means we can provide a complete end to end service, reducing the number of providers you have to deal with. We have team members in place ready to work with you to produce your new website for your business.

Our Philosophy

Working together to provide the right solution for your business


Adepteo know that being here for our customers is important. We have a support team available during our standard office hours. Outside of these hours, business critical issues are dealt with by the out of hours support team.


Adepteo uses the latest technology to ensure our customers have the most stable and reliable system. Our staff are trained to work with our customers to ensure that our technology benefits their business. We like to think of ourselves as one of the cogs in the wheel that helps your business turn.


Adepteo are used to working with our customers to develop new solutions that help drive their businesses forward. Solutions include new technical innovations, helping you select the correct blend of features for your business or working with management to develop the right business metrics to support the strategy of your business.


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Out of Office Hours

Out of Hours support is available for business critical issues only. Please use the support helpline to reach our out of hours team.