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Call Queues

Queues enable all or specific incoming calls to be directed to a pre-defined group of people.  The calls can be configured to ring the next available phone in the group or can be customised to ring a predefined pattern.  At Adepteo we can tailor the queues to meet your business needs.  As calls are answered in the order in which they are received potentially reducing the time customers are waiting.

Adepteo can configure call queues for small / micro businesses through to large call centres.

In today’s ever changing world having staff work at an optimum level is key to business success.  As we all know the person who answers the most phone calls may not be the most effective or actually even the most efficient.

How do you manage this in your business?  Adepteo have staff who are trained in how to work with you to develop and implement metrics that can support your business.

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POA based on customer needs

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