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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system enables your business to effectively and efficiently manage data and communications with your customers via a central database.  

Setting up the initial database can for any company be an onerous task and take significant resources.

The Adepteo CRM system is designed to work in conjunction with the Adepteo VoIP system but can also be used as a standalone tool. The advantage of our system is that the data can be populated as you go along.  For example, when a call is received the CRM system will prompt the user to enter data and will automatically enter the phone number.  

The Adepteo CRM system is designed to work in conjunction with the other Adepteo products that are also available, a list of which can be found on the Adepteo Portal C³ page 

The more Adepteo products a user has the more integrated information is available in the CRM system

Adepteo can also import data from other systems into our CRM.  To find out more about this facility please contact a member of staff.


Pricing is specific to customer needs, please contact a member of the Adepteo team.