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Adepteo Cloud Control Centre - C³

adepteo cloud control centre (C³)

Our C³ centre is the hub of all our cloud based services.  This is the entry point for our clients to access the services they have subscribed to.  In all instances, our clients can tailor aspects of our service or the view of the service to their own individual needs.

Access to the portal and the levels of control / manipulation within the portal can be set by the customer.

Services available through our C³ system include the following:

  • Domains registration and renewal;

  • E-Mail hosting

  • E-Mail marketing and mailshots

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System;

  • SMS;

  • VoIP telephone calls;

  • Broadband and related Internet services;

  • Cloud storage;

  • Standard Calendar;

  • Booking / Appointment system; and

  • Conferencing Services.