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What is a conference call?

A conference call facility allows more than two users to be involved in a phone call at the same time.  The Adepteo VoIP phones offer a multi way audio conference call facility for up to 5* individuals as standard.  This where the conference call is manually managed by a member of the conference call as opposed to a conference facility, where individuals dial in to a predetermined number and are allocated a pin code. 

If your conference facility requires more than five individuals or you want the call to be managed for you, you need to use a conference call facility.  During a conference call, calls outside the Adepteo network attract our usual call rates.

*This is dependent on the model of phone. 

There are four main types of conference call.

Audio only

These can be hosted on the Adepteo VoIP phones as described above.  

Calls can also be managed via the Adepteo conference call facility, which allows an unlimited number of people join into an audio only conference.  Calls can originate from VoIP, Mobile and land line phones using your own dedicated phone numbers.  If you have people outside the UK we can also provide international numbers in order to reduce costs to your callers.

There is a simple pricing level of 3p per user per minute they are in the conference.

Conference audio may be recorded and made available for the conference organiser to share when the session has been completed.

Screen sharing / webcasting

Screen sharing allows for a single user to host an Audio conference and present a screen-cast presentation or live demonstration from their computer.  The presenter may also show live video of themselves either as a full screen in place of the content or as an inserted video in a corner of the screen this is called webcasting.  To be able to webcast the presenter must have access to a webcam. 

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can be hosted on any device that has a built in webcam or a USB port to which a webcam can be plugged in.  As such, the costs associated with video conferencing have decreased significantly in recent years.   Video conferencing can range from a minimum of two participants to multiple participants.  Adepteo is at the forefront of cloud technology in this area and this can be accessed via our Cloud Control Center (C³).  Adepteo can also ensure that audio facilities are available for participants who may not have a video capability.

Advanced video conferencing

This allows for multiple attendees to be visible on the screen at a time.  Multiple screen layout options are available and can be amended during the call depending on the needs of the client.  The conference organiser would select what images were available.  Green screen capability is also available for customers to show marketing background images.

for more information

Please contact Adepteo for more information on our conferencing services.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a solution to meet your business needs.