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Adepteo provides some of the most advanced and reliable VoIP services on offer today.  Our business solution is so flexible it can work across the board from self starters making their first foray into business up to and including large well established businesses.

VoIP is scalable and will grow with your business, can allow employees to work smarter and be more productive.

Utilising VoIP to its full potential allows your business to make significant cost savings when compared to a more traditional phone system.

VoIP allows you to take your business with you wherever you are in the world.  You need never miss that important call or business lead.

What is VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and telephone calls are made over the internet by converting the users voice into digital format.  This differs from traditional phones which are hard wired to a single phone connection point.


The biggest benefit of VoIP is its flexibility.  As VoIP runs over the internet, provided the internet connection is suitable, a call can be made.  As such your number and business is extremely mobile and your business can operate wherever you are in the world.

Traditional phones were tied to one phone point and significant cost was involved in having new lines installed.  VoIP is very scalable and phones can be added to a business without the need for extra phone points that would have existed with an old phone system.  Phones can also conversely be easily removed.  VoIP will flex and adapt to your business needs.

The cost of making calls with VoIP is significantly lower than that of a traditional line.

Adepteo VoIP can also be set up for you to make calls via your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Adepteo provide an number of add ons that can also enhance both the user and customer experience.

Why Adepteo

Adepteo has been in business for in excess of 15 years and has a wealth of expertise within the VoIP arena.

Unlike other VoIP companies, the Adepteo platform is hosted in our own Adepteo Cloud.  The cloud is run on machines owned, managed and monitored by Adepteo on a 24/7/52 basis.

The Adepteo system is managed in real time via our secure portal known as our Cloud Control Centre (C³).

The Adepteo infrastructure is such that there are multiple different hosting locations in use and multiple failover options available should an issue arise.  This in turn is linked to multiple carriers in multiple locations.  The data centres in use are network dense and recognised as main hubs. All of this makes Adepteo one of the most resilient companies in the VoIP arena.