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Adepteo VoIP Service

Rating: 9 out of 10

Following a re-launch of our website, the number of enquiries we were receiving began to grow beyond our expectations. Our 2 BT phone lines could simply not cope with the level of calls we had to deal with. Because of the nature of our business, we had to make frequent phone calls to departments in different buildings to find out details of customer’s orders. This was a significant cost every month in call charges. We therefore required a 2 fold solution, a virtual call centre and an inter-department phone network, which is where Adepteo stepped in with their VOIP call centre and phones. Within days of contacting Adepteo, we had a virtual call centre up and running, with on hold facilities and interactive voice response, which meant no more engaged tones for our customers and that their calls were directed to the correct department. Because the VOIP system is software based, it is so flexible and can be programmed to operate exactly how we want it, unlike many standard call centre packages. We can even have salesmen answering calls whilst they work from home or out of the country, as each phone has been programmed to work anywhere where there is an internet connection. Since the system has been up and running, our customers have complimented us on the efficiency of which their queries are being dealt with, but perhaps the biggest benefit the VOIP system has brought to the company, is a significant reduction in our phone bills. This cost saving is already being reinvested back into the business, in the very technology that brought us the saving in the first place, with the planned introduction of 5 new phones and a new call centre planned for the near future. Regards, Pete