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COVID19 – Working from home checklist

COVID19 – Working from home checklist

Wed 26 Feb 2020 00:00

Adepteo Can Help

Your Adepteo phone service is flexible;

Adepteo can provide a cloud storage solution that will help with sharing documents;

We can provide an instant messaging service;

All of the above can work with just a computer and web browser. However there is some time and effort involved in getting set up, so - Start preparing now! For help or guidance on any of the items below please contact us via

Phone service

With Adepteo’s VoIP telephone service you are ideally placed to have staff working from home or remote locations. It should be simply a case of:

But like all things in life the simple things are not always easy and preparation ahead of time by doing a trial run is well worth the time and effort involved.

Things to consider are

If there are issues with any of the above items, they need to be resolved in advance.

Other alternative options to consider are

For all of these options you will need Adepteo assistance. There may also be some cost implications.


Do your staff have access to their business email account from home?

Instant Messaging

Your phone is not the only thing to consider. Whilst in the office it is generally easy to chat with colleagues, leave messages on desks or communicate with them across the room. When you are all in different locations some form of Instant Messaging (IM) service or chat system is very useful. Adepteo use our own IM Service which is invaluable for our own staff working remotely and we can provide this for your company.

Document Sharing

In the office you probably have access to shared documents on a central server:

GDPR and Security

These items should also be considered as working remotely can introduce a multitude of risks for your business. Adepteo is lucky to have our own in house risk specialist. If you would like assistance with your own risk planning then we would be happy to help.

If you have any questions on any of the above then please contact us via