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Call popping for Taxi Companies

The Adepteo VoIP cloud platform offers a wide range of facilities for handling a Taxi companies inbound calls.  

  • Queuing facilities ensure that callers do not receive a busy tone;
  • Calls can be recorded for monitoring and quality assurance; and
  • Adepteo IVR can handle some activities without the customer needing to speak with an operator.

When a call is answered by a dispatcher, the Adepteo platform can provide the details of the call to the Taxi Dispatch system through a method known as Web Hooks.  This allows the dispatch system to then automatically obtain the callers details and populate the booking form.  This results in increased operator efficiency and potentially reduces errors in the booking process.

The Adepteo VoIP System is fully integrated with a number of taxi dispatch systems.  

If you are using a taxi dispatch system and want to check whether your system is compatible please have your dispatch system provider contact Adepteo for details of the Adepteo Application Programming Interface (API).