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VoIP Voicemail

Voicemail is a fact of everyday life for mobile phone users and large corporate organisations.  Adepteo can provide the same features (or in a lot of cases better features) as part of our Hosted PBX service.

Calls can be automatically directed to go to voicemail if your phone is in use, if it is not answered in a certain time frame, or even if you are just in a meeting and do not want to be interrupted.

If you are out of the office and someone leaves you a message, we can send you a text message with details of the phone call including the date and time, the length of the call and the details of the person who made the call.  We can also send you a copy of the actual recording to your email address, so that you can access it on your smart phone or on your computer.

You can personalise your greeting message and even have different messages depending upon whether you were busy on a call or for some reason did not manage to get to the phone.