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VoIP for Small businesses and Sole traders

VoIP For Small Businesses

For small businesses the step from being a sole trader working on your own to taking on additional staff whether full time or part time is tricky enough.  But if you only have one phone line then it can quickly become an issue in making and receiving phone calls when the phone is already in use.  With a single phone line, even with call waiting services, you are at the risk of loosing calls and potentially customers or orders.

Normally the step forward is to invest in either an additional phone line or a phone system.  Each has their own considerations to be taken.

Additional Line

With an additional line you normally end up with two totally seperate lines and two different numbers.  This can make it more complicated for customers to remember and lead to shuffling around of handsets within the office.

New Phone System

Normally when companies install a new phone system they are designed for companies with 10 or more extensions and so the hurdle to installing one is very high financially and is probably not going to give the level of flexibility that you are likely to require if your company continues to grow and may even need to relocate premises.

The Adepteo Hosted PBX System

Using the Adepteo Business Phone System you can take advantage of all of the features that we provide starting with just one single extension, and you can add more and more extensions as you need them.  If you need to downsize then you can also reduce the number of phones.