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Whilst PBX systems have previously been thought of as the preserve of large corporations, using VoIP solutions we can offer an Asterisk based system that offers the smaller business the same benefits.

From the ability to transfer calls between extensions on-site and off, to more advanced options like IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that allow a caller to route their own call through to the most appropriate department, our hosted VoIP PBX system provide a powerful solution for the smaller company.

If you have more than around 20 employees on a site you may want to consider running a VoIP PBX system hosted on your office premises. For this we provide a SIP Trunk or IAX trunk direct service. Each trunk has the same capacity as a single analogue line or ISDN channel.

Port your existing BT Number to our service to terminate over our SIP Trunk or IAX Trunk to your VoIP PBX System or provide you with Geographic or Non-Geographic numbers.