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VoIP Multi User System

If you have several users at one site it's important that anyone that needs to make or receive calls can do so, rather than having to wait for available phone lines. As you add more phone lines it's important to ensure that a customer can quickly and easily reach the person they need to speak to. A traditional solution to this is to employ a switchboard operator or an expensive PBX system. Whilst this is a viable solution for large companies both are expensive outlays. Our Multi-user system is a cheaper alternative, but still allows the same benefits of the more expensive options.

If you have many users spread over different sites you'll appreciate how the cost of calls between these sites can mount up. With our multi-user multi-site system you can have a phone present in your central office, one in your warehouse, and one in each of your showrooms and make free phone calls between them. Whilst each of these phones could be anywhere in the world you can still get all the features you would expect from an on-site system. Transferring a call to the other side of the world is as easy as transferring a call to the other side of the desk.