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The Adepteo Interative Voice Response (IVR) is a very sophisticated system. By adding it to your Adepteo service, callers to your business will hear a personalised greeting guiding them to the correct people or departments.

It is completely customisable to your needs through our online portal.  We have a computer generated voice that will make it easier for you to get everything working the way you want, and then you can record your own greetings and messages.  For example “Welcome to Adepteo. For Sales press 1, for Support press 2, For Accounts press 3 etc”

The destinations can be any combination of direct extensions, call groups, queues or even another IVR menu.  You can even set opening times or closed times and make different choices depending upon the time or date.

For a demonstration try calling our line on 0161 710 3000 and hearing what it sounds like.