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VoIP Call Recording

There are many benefits of recording your telephone conversations from ensuring that you protect the interests of your company to improving the way that your staff interact with your customers and suppliers.  Nearly every large organisation has a policy of recording all of the conversations that they receive through their call centres, and Adepteo can provide you with exactly the same level of service through our hosted PBX system.


It is not possible to sit with your team all day every day monitoring what they are saying on the phone.  It is however possible to quickly scan through a number of phone calls and to find out which staff members could use additional training and advice.


Taxi companies and e-commerce operations record their conversations so that in the case of a complaint it is easy to go back and find out what was actually said during the conversation. The sheer fact that the call is being recorded drastically reduces the likelyhood of the problem occuring.


A customer (or member of staff) is far less likely to become abusive if they know that the conversation is being recorded.