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VoIP Call Queues

Love them or hate them, no one likes being stuck in a call queue waiting to speak to someone.  But also no-one wants to keep hearing a busy tone when someone can answer the call in a few moments if they could just have the opportunity to wait.

If you have a team of people answering the phone or just have one person and lots of calls Adepteo's call queue facility can turn a single phone into a productive business communications tool.

To make sure that you know what is happening we can provide true real time, as it happens details of exactly what is going on in the queue and through a simple web browser interface you can check on things from anywhere that you have access to the internet.

At the end of the day we can also provide reports that show you who was the most efficient person answering calls or if you have lots of callers who are ending up hanging up the phone because it was not answered in time.  You have the opportunity to monitor and tune the way that your company handles calls, so that you can improve the levels of support that you provide to your clients.