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With our VoIP Service you can choose your own Geographic or Non-Geographic number and forward it to an existing landline number for a small annual charge. Search here for a number of your own choice.

Just because you can't be in the office 24 hours a day, it doesn't mean you want to turn away customers either. You can set up our call forwarding system to forward all calls received outside of working hours. Or, if a customer calls while your business is closed they can be informed of your opening hours and optionally leave a message.

Even though your customers should be able to reach you when they need to, sometimes this isn't practical. Rather than giving out your mobile phone number and inviting calls at inappropriate times, our call forwarding system allows you to receive calls on your mobile without the customer needing to know your mobile number. This helps keep your mobile number private, and also allows you to change it at any time without worrying whether your customers are dialing your new number.