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12 Reasons our new office is better for our clients

12 Reasons our new office is better for our clients

Wed 14 Oct 2015 00:00

1. Multiple transport links with both local train, tram and bus stops all within 5 to 10 minutes walk.

2. 10 minutes from central Manchester national train lines, giving our customers and us the ability to reach each other easily.

3. We’re only 15 minutes from Manchester Airport giving easy access to our international clients and proving no matter where you are in the world Adepteo is the company for you.

4. Specifically designed with our clients in mind so that we can give the best experience and service possible.

5. Up to date and adaptable training facilities for customer development & support.

6. Open plan to reflect the transparent nature of our business. No stalling or hidden agendas at Adepteo. Just hard work and professionalism.

7. Superb location for continuing to attract a high caliber level of staff.

8. Our potential pool of resources has now expanded to include IT experts who are ahead of the technology curve.

9. Employees with advanced technology knowledge will allow Adepteo to expand the features we currently have available and provide an even better range of product offerings for our customers.

10. Our new offices will keep our employees happy and productive to improve your quality of service.

11. This is an exciting new phase of the Adepteo five year strategic plan. Right place, right people, enhanced customer care and support.

12. All of the above helps you, our customers but you should see the smiles on our employees faces. After all, happy employees are productive employees.