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Adepteo Proud to be a member of the Internet Service Providers Association (ITSPA)

Adepteo Proud to be a member of the Internet Service Providers Association (ITSPA)

Wed 10 Oct 2012 00:00

We are proud to announce that we have recently joined ITSPA - The Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association

ITSPA was formed in March 2004 as a trade association to represent UK-based network operators, service providers and other businesses involved with the supply of VoIP services to business and residential consumers within the United Kingdom and across the European Union.
Officially launched in December 2004, ITSPA aims to promote competition and self-regulation in order to encourage the development of a flourishing and innovative VoIP industry.

As part of our joining of ITSPA we will be tweaking our processes and procedures to ensure that they comply with the organisations Code of Practice and we will also be ensuring that we comply with the strict requirements to obtain their Quality Mark recognition.  The Code of Practice is designed to help customers by ensuring that they receive suitable information in advance of agreeing to buy VoIP telephony services so that they can have confidence in the way that an ITSPA member will do business with them. The Quality Mark is awarded to companies that comply with all current legislative and regulatory requirements.

Adepteo have always aimed to provide a VoIP service that can be trusted to provide its customers with a fair and reliable service and are constantly striving to improve the services that we provide.