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BT Hikes prices for millions of users

BT Hikes prices for millions of users

Fri 07 Sep 2012 00:00

BT Have recently announced that they are going to introduce price rises of 6% at the start of 2013.  Given that their prices are already expensive running a business from home using your home phone line can be costly.  (These figures are for domestic phone lines, but as we know many small businesses use a domestic phone line to run their business).

There is more detailed information available at Money Saving Expert and the BT Website

Here are some of the most important facts and figures as I see them:-

Adepteo Charges

Whilst Adepteo do not aim to be the cheapest supplier in the market place we do aim to provide value for money.  Here are some key factores of our call charges.

Important Small Print - You can get out of your contract!

Under BT terms and conditions, as a price rise is considered to be to your "detriment", you have 10 days from receiving notice of a price rise to terminate your contract without incurring an early termination fee.

BT's terms state: "If British Telecom Payment Services makes a change to your material disadvantage, you may terminate your BT Telephony Services, BT Total Broadband or BT Vision agreement.

"Contact us (BT) directly within 10 calendar days of receiving our price change notification you may cease your services without penalty."

BT says customers will be notified of the price changes in the BT Update magazine sent with bills in September, October and December. If you have an online account, you'll be emailed in September or October.