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Receive all your faxes direct to your inbox, instead of to a fax machine. No longer do you need to wait by your fax machine to receive that important document, you can get it whether you're at your computer, on the train on a laptop, or on the road with a mobile phone.

Send Faxes:

You can send a fax to any fax machine anywhere in the world just by uploading a document via your web browser.  You can even include multiple documents that are then compiled into a single fax message.

Fax Broadcasting:

If you need to send the same fax to multiple destinations then you just need to enter multiple phone numbers!

Receive Faxes:

Any body with the ability to send a fax can send one to your own virtual fax machine and we will then deliver it directly to your email.  You can also view received faxes through our portal service - Hydra.


We do not charge anything for an 084 number and so you can have a totally free service if you like.  If you would like a geographic 01 or 02 number then there is a charge of £5.00 per month per number.  In either case there is no charge additional charge regardless of the quantity of faxes that you receive.

To send a fax we charge 10p per page.