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A key aspect of any business is keeping track of communications with customers and suppliers.  The Adepteo CRM system is designed to integrate with your Adepteo provided phone service and Email service in order to make it easy for your company to implement.

Designed to be easy to use but powerful enough to make sure that you don't forget that important follow up.

Features include

There are specific features for different methods of communication including Telephone, Email and SMS messaging.


When you receive a phone call have the callers contact details appear on your computer screen. If the number is not recognised easily add the contact into the system.

Add notes about the call and see details of the account status, communications and services.

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When email arrives it can be automatically assigned to different mail boxes based upon user defined rules. From a main listing page you can see the mails related to you, or your department, opportunities or accounts with very simple filtering.

Most importantly if there are multiple people responding to these emails then the display is updated in real time whenever a change is made.

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SMS Messaging

Send out messages to one or more of your contacts and have the responses directed into the email system or processed according to your particular requirements