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Adepteo was founded in 2001 by Carl Taylor - to create easy to use web based applications. Since then we have grown considerably and now provide business critical services to a wide range of companies.  We have enabled a number of Entrepreneurs with technology focussed business ideas to realise these as successful, real world services.

Carl has a strong background in computing, communications and bleading edge technology companies ranging from the early days of the IBM PC through to the latest in Mobile Internet technologies. Most notedly he was involved with getting web content onto none PC devices and the early days of the mobile Internet whilst Solutions Architect with Spyglass Inc (the company that commercialised the Mosaic Web browser and licenced it to Microsoft) and later as Director of New Media Technologies with wcities where he was responsible for a global development team building a city guide for over 300 cities in 70 countries and more than 8 languages including Japanese and Chinese. The team also built some of the worlds first location based applications and prototypes for companies such as Vodafone, Nokia and Ericsson.

He founded Adepteo to bring his knowledge to the benefit of small companies through the very early implementation of what is now known as Cloud Computing. Adepteo include specialisms in VoIP Telephony and Communications as well as high calibre web sites and web based applications to maximise the power of the internet.

The team working for Adepteo are all specialists in their own fields ranging from Software Architecture to Implementing the latest in web standards compliant services.

As part of our evolving strategy we are now able to provide a complete service to our customers including the traditional web application and hosting, including E-Mail accounts, Domain Registration and DNS services, ADSL and Broadband services through to our highly successful hosted PABX services for small businesses.  We are now able to provide a comprehensive service to our business customers to aid them in presenting a highly professional image.  We host all our own servers in datacenters in both London and Manchester and so have complete control of the entire set of services that we provide.

We believe that Computers and technology in general should make life easier and more productive for people using it. Computers should not take control and restrict the way that people go about their work other than in normal processes.

It is all too common hearing the excuse that a computer application cannot perform a particular operation with no real reason given. At Adepteo we take the approach of asking why not? rather than accepting the answer provided. Whenever we are designing an application or solution we take great care to obtain input from all people affected by the change to make sure that there will be an overall improvement in the way people work so that the solution makes a real improvement to your overall business operation.