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Who is Adepteo?

Adepteo has been in business for in excess of 15 years and has a wealth of expertise.  We are a leading provider of hosted cloud services providing flexible, tailored business solutions to meet your business needs. Our focus is to ensure that our customers receive a stable and reliable service. The Adepteo cloud is managed and maintained by Adepteo which allows us to give our customers continuity from the beginning to the end of any process in the Adepteo system.

Unlike other companies, the Adepteo platform is hosted in our own Adepteo Cloud.  The cloud is run on machines owned, managed and monitored by Adepteo on a 24/7/52 basis.  The Adepteo system is managed in real time via our secure portal known as our Cloud Control Centre (C³).

The Adepteo infrastructure is such that there are multiple different hosting locations in use and multiple failover options available should an issue arise.  This in turn is linked to multiple carriers in multiple locations.  The data centres in use are network dense and recognised as main hubs.